Champion Air Compressors

  • R-Series 1-30 HP Splash Lubricated Industrial Compressors available in Single and Two Stage.
  • Advantage Series 5-25 HP Splash Lubricated R Series Compressors designed and assembled with the most popular options.
  • PL-Series 3-30 HP Pressure Lubricated air compressors. Capable of pressures up to 250 PSI.
  • Centurion II Series 5-15 HP 100% Cast Iron Industrial two-stage air compressors.
  • Value Plus 5-15 HP 100% Cast Iron two-stage air compressor, simple design.
  • Command Air 1/2-5 HP Single and two-stage compressors used with Sprinkler Systems.
  • A-Series 7.5-40 HP Industrial Air compressor pumps and boosters.